B.Sc Nursing

The course is ideal for which kind of students

This is an undergraduate course which requires the applicant to complete 10 +2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is a 4-year course. The course is split into two parts one is B Sc (basic) which is a regular course of 4 years. Then there is B.Sc (post-basic) which is also a four-year course. After 10 + 2 there is a two-year course in general nursing and midwifery beside two years of experience.

Benefit of B.Sc Nursing  After finishing B.Sc in Nursing there is a lot of scope in different sectors. This course in India is registered under the Indian Nursing Council; students who have finished this course in top nursing colleges in Bangalore can join different hospitals for providing nursing care in supervisory posts. A person who is interested in serving the society by caring for the sick and the patients can join this course. A caring nurse can make a lot of difference in the lives of patients. Apart from all the educational requirements, all one needs is a compassionate nature and a desire to assist and help those in need in order to be well suited for this course.